Chemical Industry


Today’s advanced chemicals create many demanding challenges for the construction materials of processing equipment. The material challenges of these severe and hazardous services quickly lead engineers away from the traditional materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel. Alloys can be an option, but a very expensive option.

In comparison to these materials, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is a reliable and budget friendly material option. Considering the corrosion resistant performance of FRP and the significant cost advantage over many other materials, FRP is a very attractive material of construction in today’s economic environment.

Fiberglass equipment handle the full range of dynamic and hydrostatic loads for chemical environments, a seamless and smooth inner wall that makes them suited for the handling, storage and processing of corrosive or abrasive liquids, solids and gases.


Jrain offers solutions for the storage and treatment of chemical liquids, such as:

- Hydrochloric acid, Sulfuric acid;    - Fatty acids   - Sodium and Calcium Hydroxide - Sodium Chloride, Aluminium chloride, Ferric chloride, Sodium sulfate

The 2.5 to 5 mm thick inner chemical barrier layer makes the tanks resistant to chemicals, with or without a double wall.


In addition, Jrain offers solutions for all kinds of dry chemical substances, such as sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate (BICAR), etc.


This industry involves complex processes in terms of the treatment of chemical liquids and solids. Jrain recognizes the complexity and special demands of this market and in addition to storage tanks and silos also supplies process equipment, such as gas scrubbers.

Fiberglass equipment that Jrain can supply for chemical industry include but not limited to storage tanks, scrubbers, pipes, ducts, covers, dual laminate equipment, reactors, separators, headers, etc.

Except the fiberglass products, Jrain also supply maintenance services such as refurbishments, preventive maintenance, facility upgrades, repairs, etc. Welcome to contact us for chemical resistance solution.

Fiberglass products have many advantages like the followings

Corrosion resistance

Light weight

High strength

Fire retardance

Easy assembly