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Featured by excellent corrosion resistance, wear-resisting and fire retardant after special treatment, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) product is one of the most popular equipment in mining industry.

FRP equipment mainly includes: FRP storage tank, agitating tank, scrubber, flue, stack, electrolyzer, piping, extraction settlers, post settlers, launder, regulator, trough, weir, slurry and mixing tanks etc. And these products are generally in various shapes and sizes.

Compared with metal, FRP is lighter and better on corrosion resistance. Compared with steel rubber lined and alloy, FRP is better obviously for its excellent cost performance ratio.

Therefore FRP mining equipment are warmly welcome by many mining industries such as copper mine, uranium mine, pulp and paper industry, etc.

Carbon veil can be used for electricity conductivity to meet customers’ exact requirement.  Abrasion resistant materials such as Sic can be added into the liner to resist both corrosion and abrasion. Other fillers or agents can be added for different service purposes.

Except the above advantages, here will give more detailed advantages of Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products:

-        Excellent corrosion resistance: will not react with the common acid, alkali, salt, solution, steam, etc.

-        High specific strength: better than common metal materials

-        Fire retardance and high temperature resistance:

-        Easy assembly

-        Low cost and long service life

-        Good insulation: can keep dielectric performance even under high frequency.

For some critical medium, dual laminate products can be used, i.e. the thermoplastic such PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PP is the liner and fiberglass is the structure, which can combine the thermoplastic liner’s best performance of corrosion resistance and the high strength of FRP.

Jrain, with its rich experience and high quality, supplied many different mining equipment to different global well-know companies, such as settlers, clarifiers, feeding trough of thickeners, pulley covers, large round covers, FRP tanks and dual laminate tanks.

Fiberglass products have many advantages like the followings

Corrosion resistance

Light weight

High strength

Fire retardance

Easy assembly