Other Applications


Because of so many advantages mentioned by following, fiberglass products can be used by many different industries of water and sewage treatment, blue sky and blue water project, pesticide and chemical processing, mining treatment, pharmacy, nuclear energy, sea water desalination, food fermentation, power plant, feed and fertilizer, safe children playground and so on.

Fiberglass products include not only the common pipes, tanks and vessels, scrubbers, fittings, but also customized products such as rotatory drum, anode pipe for WESP system, moisture trap, pipe support and hanger, saddle, silos, etc.

Fiberglass products are generally made by different processes such as filament winding, hand lay-up, spray up, vacuum injection, pultrusion, SMC and so on.

Fiberglass products are featured by:

• Great strength in relation to the weight;   • Electrical and thermal insulation

• Resistant to corrosion and chemicals   • Resistant to the influences of weather

• Resistant to temperature fluctuations   • Resistant to acids, bases and alkalis

• Can be supplied in various fire categories   • Low expansion coefficient

• Non-magnetic   • Low maintenance   • Unlimited design possibilities

• Extremely impact-proof   • Can be supplied in various colours

• Easy to process given its light weight   • UV-resistant

• Assembly and processing using standard tools   • Excellent price-quality ratio

• Excellent product output   • High insulation value   • Antistatic

• Condensation-resistant   • UV-resistant and requiring little or no maintenance

Fiberglass products are generally seamlessly and with ultra smooth inner walls to ensure an excellent product out, and they have an excellent resistance to chemicals and excellent mechanical properties.

Different accessories can be designed to meet different functions such as antistatic device, particulate removal, filling and unloading systems, screw conveyors, ventilation, etc.

Jrain is a professional manufacturer of fiberglass products, and our employees generally worked on FRP field for more than 20 years. Jrain has reliable partners for steel work, transportation work, etc. Therefore Jrain only supply the best quality products with the short lead time, with the support of all our team members.  

Jrain carries out ISO9001 system, and prepare ITP for each contract to trace and control the production to ensure the quality.

Fiberglass products have many advantages like the followings

Corrosion resistance

Light weight

High Strength

Fire retardance

Easy assembly