Safety Playground Equipment


Fiberglass equipment as playground of children are safe and attractive for children, and so are hot products as children’s playground.

Fiberglass playground equipment includes fish pools, sculptures, water playing devices  and various slides such as bending slide, helical slide, straight slide, wave slide, cartoon slide, open slide, close slide and so on.

Fiberglass playground equipment are made by hand lay-up process, with very high tenacity and rigidity, not easy to deform, fashion and stylish shapes. The surface generally adopts iso gel coat, which make the surface smooth and bright. When required, the automobile putty can be used to grind and then coat the automobile paint and varnish to make the surface shine.

Fiberglass playground equipment can be designed to be various shapes and colors. The cartoon shapes attracts the children at once, let them go into the fairy tale world and then remember them forever.

Fiberglass playground equipment is large entertainment equipment. Many children will play together. Any accident will cause severe consequence. So, the safety is very very important.

Jrain’s fiberglass playground equipment take care of every details to ensure the safety:

1. The surface of playground equipment must be well impregnated with resin and well cure. Delamination and uneven thickness are not allowed.

2. The faults such as crack, breakage, obvious repair signs, obvious woven roving signs, wrinkles, sags and crests are not allowed.

3. The transition at the corner must be smooth and without irregulates.

4. The inner surface of equipment must be clean, and without the fiberglass exposure. Gel coat layer thickness should be 0.25-0.5mm.

Similar like the fiberglass playing equipment for children, fiberglass shells are also used widely for car fabrication (car shell, model car), medical operation (medical equipment shell), chemical (anti-corrosion shell), boat, switch box, insulation shaft, electric housing, radar radome, etc.

Fiberglass products have many advantages like the followings

Corrosion resistance

Light weight

Non Toxic

Fire retardance

Easy assembly