Thermal and Nuclear Power

FRP Scrubber Description (1)

In recent years, increased environmental regulations have lead coal fired power utilities to embrace new scrubbing technologies. Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) scrubbing technologies involve limestone slurry solutions which can abrasive and corrosive in nature.

Compared with carbon steel and alloy, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) was found to be a reliable and cost-effective material solution.

Some studies have shown that production with composite materials use less than twice energy when compared with metals alloys and concrete.

Production cost and maintenance prove to be considerable lower in comparison with standard materials.

Therefore FRP has become a significant component of the processes at many power generation stations.

The need for these products is growing rapidly as process demands are increasing, requiring more corrosion resistant solutions.

Typical related fiberglass products for thermal and nuclear industry are full free standing fiberglass stacks, liners for concrete and steel stacks, steel frame supported fiberglass stack/chimney, ducts, storage tanks and vessels, scrubbers, recycle piping systems, auxiliary piping, cooling water piping, spray systems, hoods, towers, odor and air filtration vessels, dampers, etc.

They can be designed for:

-       Corrosive services

-       Abrasive services

-       Conductive services

-       High temperature service

-       Fire retardant service to reach class 1 flame spread

As the power utilities have gained confidence in FRP through proven success, the applications for FRP have expanded throughout the process.

Jrain stacks and tower package systems offer chemical resistance and are lightweight for easy handling and installation. They are weather resistant and easy to maintain with a long-lasting gel-coat exterior and UV protection. As a result, they are extremely well-suited for thermal and nuclear industries.

Based on its many years of experience serving this market, Jrain has the capability to design, manufacture, install and service FRP and dual laminate products for your specific needs.

The international standards that Jrain can follow includes ASME, ASTM, BS, DIN, etc.  

Fiberglass products have many advantages like the followings

Corrosion resistance

Light weight

High strength

Fire retardance

Easy assembly