Water & Air Cleaning

Environmental Protection Industry3
Environmental Protection Industry3
Environmental Protection Industry3

Recently as the environmental awareness become more and more strong and the regulations become more and more strict, the air and water cleaning systems are under increasing demands.

After multi-stage spraying and washing, and together with the chemical process, fiberglass environmental protection related equipment can handle many harmful gases and liquids such as sulfuric acid mist, HCL mist, chromic acid mist, nitric acid mist, phosphoric acid mist, hydrofluoric acid mist, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, sulfuretted hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide, waste acid, alkali, emulsion, nickeliferous effluent, organic solvent, organic fluoride, etc.

Fiberglass environmental protection related equipment mainly includes but not limited to digesters, storage tanks for a wide range of liquids, scrubber vessels, absorbers, biofiltration vessels, reactors, Venturi, odor controlling cover, spraying piping, anode pipe for WESP, biological deodorization facilities that are mainly sued in sludge drying plants, etc. The composition can be adapted to the type of gas and liquid that needs to be treated.

They are very popular in many industries such as water treatment, industrial dangerous waste disposal, deodorization engineering, biological desulfurization system, flus gas treatment, clean energy, biogas markets, odor-control system, FGD system, WESP system and so on. Because fiberglass products are featured by:

Corrosion resistance;   light weight & high strength;   high temperature resistance & fire retardant;   anti-aging and UV resistance;   electrical and thermal insulation & low expansion coefficient;   excellent price-quality ratio and so on.

The fact that Jrain’s products can be widely deployed and custom-made for a specific application in the production process for a given flow rate or type of pollutant.

Jrain serves air and water cleaning system with its various fiberglass products on the basis of its ability to meet customer-specific requirements.

Complex or challenging projects that go beyond the norm are those that Jrain would be pleased to look after on your behalf.

Jrain’s products have an excellent price-quality ratio, which makes them especially attractive.

Fiberglass products have many advantages like the followings

Corrosion resistance

Light weight

High strength

Fire retardance

Easy assembly