Fiberglass Customized Products

  • Other Products

    Other Products

    Jrain can manufacture fiberglass customized products such as medical bed, pipe stand / support, moisture collector, playing box, flower pot, desalination products, drum and so on based on customer’s requirements on colors, shapes, sizes, functions, pressures and temperatures.

  • Car and Boat Body

    Car and Boat Body

    Jrain manufactures various fiberglass car and boat bodies. They are made by hand lay-up process, but the dimensions can be controlled within small tolerance. The beautiful appearance, strong structure and light weight fiberglass cars and boats are become more and more popular in Chinese and global markets.

    Model: customized as per customer’s requirements

  • Covers


    Fiberglass covers include many different types including but not limited to tank covers, cooling tower covers, silo covers, pulley covers (for protection), hoods, sewage pool covers, covers of biological removal of odor, etc.

    Size: any sizes upon customer’s request

    Shapes: any shapes upon customer’s request

  • Clarifiers & Settlers

    Clarifiers & Settlers

    The efficient clarification and filtration system are essential parts of any treatment plant. The fiberglass clarifiers and settlers are designed for superior removal of settleable solids in water, wastewater and industrial applications. 

    Size: Customized

  • Fans & Dampers & Demisters

    Fans & Dampers & Demisters

    Jrain designs and manufactures various fiberglass fan shells and dampers and demisters.

    Fiberglass fan shells, dampers and demisters are widely used for treatment of acid and alkali, waste treatment, municipal ordor-control systems, emergency chlorine scrubber influent duct system, air-handling system, fume scrubbers /strippers, etc.