Fiberglass Grating & Accessory

  • Ladders & Handrails

    Ladders & Handrails

    Fiberglass ladders and handrails are made mainly by pultrusion process, and assembled with various connection parts. They have the functions of common ladders and handrails. In addition, fiberglass ladders and handrails can resist corrosion and rust, are very suitable products for corrosive environments.

  • Steps


    Fiberglass steps is a kind of fiberglass grating, be used as stairs treads or steps. Generally has sand on it for slid free.

    Fiberglass stair tread is featured by corrosion resistance, no need of paint, no maintenance required, long service life, light weight, easy installation and no need of heavy lifting device, etc.


  • Gratings & Covers

    Gratings & Covers

    Jrain’s molded fiberglass grating is a strong mesh grating panel that is the chemical resistant flooring choice for many industrial applications.

    Type: open panel & covered panel