Fiberglass Piping & Fittings

  • Fittings


    Fiberglass fittings generally includes flanges, elbows, tees, reducers, crosses, spraying fittings, and others. They are mainly used to connect the piping system, turn directions, spray the chemicals, etc.

    Size: customized

  • Duct System

    Duct System

    Fiberglass duct can be used to deliver the gas under the corrosion gas environment. Such pipe can be round or rectangular, and can resist the corrosive gas, such as chlorine gas, flue gas, etc.

    Size: Customized

    Model: Round, rectangular, special shape, customized, etc.

  • Piping System

    Piping System

    Fiberglass reinforced thermoset plastic pipe system (or FRP pipe) is often the material of choice for corrosive process systems and various water systems.

    Combining the strength of FRP and the chemical compatibility of plastics, fiberglass pipe provides customers with a superior alternative to costly metal alloys and rubber-lined steel.

    Size: DN10mm – DN4000mm