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Fiberglass duct can be used to deliver the gas under the corrosion gas environment. Such pipe can be round or rectangular, and can resist the corrosive gas, such as chlorine gas, flue gas, etc.

Size: Customized

Model: Round, rectangular, special shape, customized, etc.

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Jrain can design the custom, pre-fabricated fiberglass ducts by modern software such as FEA (Finite Element Analysis), Auto CAD, etc. Then Jrain can fabricate the ducts for different features according to specific designs:

1. Abrasion resistant duct for FGD power market applications;

2. Hand lay-up or helically wound;

3. Multiple resin to handle a variety of corrosive environments

4. Fire retardant resin to achieve class 1 flame spread

5. Design engineering, calculations, CAD design, FEA

Equipment options:

- Ladders    - Platforms    - Condensate drainage    - Manholes   - Protection against electrostatic discharge

Fiberglass duct is also named as fiberglass vent pipe, with E-glass fiber as reinforced material and resin as basic material. It is a kind of new fiberglass pipe. With the excellent properties such as pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, anti-aging, it has been extensively used to ventilation of basement, deodorization of sewage plant, discharge and treatment of waste acid, etc.

According to the requirements, the FRP duct can be made in required colors and shapes. Jrain is able to comply with your wishes in these respects.

Jrain is able to design, supply, assemble and install ducts at power plants. We are familiar with providing ducts to the power market, including for the FGD system. Ducts can be manufactured on site or in our workshop.

Besides ducts, Jrain also provides:

1. 90°and 45°elbow, and segmented elbow

2. Transition pieces

3. Flanges for easy duct installation

4. Expansion joint



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