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Fiberglass fittings generally includes flanges, elbows, tees, reducers, crosses, spraying fittings, and others. They are mainly used to connect the piping system, turn directions, spray the chemicals, etc.

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Fiberglass fittings are generally made of hand lay-up process, with high resin content. Different shapes can be realized by using molds. Different resins can be selected for different medium and service conditions. Any special fittings on sizes and shapes will be available upon request.

Fiberglass fittings are very popular as they are featured by:

• Great strength in relation to the weight

• Electrical and thermal insulation

• Resistant to corrosion and chemicals

• Resistant to the influences of weather

• Resistant to temperature fluctuations

• Low expansion coefficient

• Low maintenance

• Unlimited design possibilities

• Can be supplied in various colors and shapes

• UV-resistant

• Assembly and processing using standard tools

• Excellent price-quality ratio


-       Industrial cooling water;

-       Chemical processing

-       Flue gas desulphurization

-       Food processing

-       Ship building

-       Fire fighting installations

-       Water purification

-       Sewage treatment

Jrain manufactures tens of thousands of fittings to our global customers and peers these years according to national and international standards including DIN, ASTM, AWWA, ISO and many others.

On the one hand, Jrain supplies fitting systems for existing plants and the replacement of former systems, on the other hand we supply new fittings for new plants and systems.

Jrain is experienced in different connections of fittings such as bonded, laminated, flanged, threaded and clamped connections.

Jrain also provides field fabrication and installation, which can save cost effectively when large components have to be assembled on site because of oversize and difficult access.

Maintenance, facility upgrades and repairs are also Jrain’s service scope. Welcome to contact us for your detailed demanding.



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