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Jrain’s molded fiberglass grating is a strong mesh grating panel that is the chemical resistant flooring choice for many industrial applications.

Type: open panel & covered panel

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Jrain panels are molded in one piece and feature a concave non-slip walking surface. The cost effective panels allow for efficient on-site cutting to minimize grating waste and load bearing bars in both directions allow for use without continuous side support.

Jrain's molded fiberglass grating is significantly lighter in weight than metallic gratings and the high resin content provides excellent corrosion resistance and requires very little maintenance.

A higher safety factor is achieved by designing in a higher glass content at the bottom of the grating for greater tensile strength.

Our molded fiberglass grating is:

• Corrosion Resistant • Easy To Fabricate • Fire Retardant • Impact Resistant • Low in Maintenance • Low in Conductivity • Lightweight • Bidirectional Load Bearing • Easy To Install • Cost Effective • Uniform in Appearance

Materials of Construction

Jrain's molded fiberglass grating is composed of fiberglass rovings combined with a choice of five thermosetting resin systems.

All of the resins contain a UV inhibitor.

Standard grating has a concave profile on the upper surface for skid resistance. Grit tops are available upon request.

Shapes, Sizes and Availability

Typical Panels


Mesh Pattern

Panel Sizes

25.4mm 38.1 Square 914.4mm X 3048.0mm

1219.2mm X 2438.4mm

1219.2mm X 3657.6mm

25.4mm 25.4mm X 101.6mm rectangular 914.4mm X 3048.0mm

1219.2mm X 3657.6mm

38.1mm 19.1mm X 19.1mm Mini-Grid 1219.2mm X 3657.6mm
38.1mm 38.1mm X 152.4mm Rectangular 1219.2mm X 3657.6mm
38.1mm 38.1mm Square 914.4mm X 3048.0mm

1219.2mm X 2438.4mm

1219.2mm X 3657.6mm

1524.0mm X 3048.0mm

50.8mm 50.8mm Square 1219.2mm X 3657.6mm

Fiberglass gratings & covers are widely used in different industries such as chemical, pulp and paper, power plant, sewage treatment, food processing, smelting and mining, saltern, battery factories, etc.


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