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Fiberglass ladders and handrails are made mainly by pultrusion process, and assembled with various connection parts. They have the functions of common ladders and handrails. In addition, fiberglass ladders and handrails can resist corrosion and rust, are very suitable products for corrosive environments.

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Fiberglass ladders and handrails have many advantages like below:

1. High strength and impact resisting: compared with steel, the strength of fiberglass is almost same. But fiberglass ladders and handrails can recover after impact because of the good elasticity.

2. Corrosion resistance: Based on actual situations and service conditions, orthophthalic resin, isophthalic resin and vinylester resin can be selected, and so they can be used for long time under the strong acid and alkali environments.

3. Rich color: can be made to be various colors. The colors are added during the pultrusion processing, which result in very good color. For most cases, the ladder and handrails are yellow, which has a very good warning function.

4. Light weight and easy installation: weight is only 1/4 of steel, easy for handling and installation.

5. Aging resistance: Fiberglass ladders and handrails are made by good pultruded profiles, and service life can reach to 20 years. UV inhibitors are always added for these pultruded profiles to get the best anti UV effects.

6. Excellent insulation: Fiberglass ladders and handrails have excellent performance of electric insulation and non-magnetic, so they can used in electric area, magnetic sensitive area, flammable and combustible areas.

7. Good benefits: The production process of pultruded profiles for ladders and handrails are automatic controlled. So the productivity is high while the labor cost is lower. The products length can be cut randomly, and the maintenance charge is low.   

The accessories matching for ladder and handrail such as protection cages, walkway, platform, skirt board and so on are also our supply scope.

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