Fiberglass Tanks

  • Tanks and Vessels

    Tanks and Vessels

    Jrain manufactures fiberglass tanks & vessels to meet virtually any storage requirement.

    FRP tanks & vessels are lightweight, corrosion resistant and essentially maintenance free.

    Shop Size Tanks and Vessels are up to 4500mm in diameter and 200m³ in volume.

    Large size tanks are up to 25000mm in diameter and are manufactured at project field.

  • Rectangular Tanks

    Rectangular Tanks

    Except the common cylinder type tanks, Jrain manufactures rectangular fiberglass tanks made by contact molded method (use mold) with hand lay-up process, together with the internals inside and stiffeners outside.

    Size: as per customer’s sizes

  • Insulation Tanks

    Insulation Tanks

    Fiberglass insulation tanks are specially designed to keep a relative constant temperature. The insulation materials are PU, foam, etc. While after the insulation, apply fiberglass or other suitable materials to cover and protect the insulation.


    Size: DN500mm – DN25000mm or as per customer’s sizes

  • Oblate Tanks

    Oblate Tanks

    Fiberglass tank shell sections are produced at manufacturing factory and compressed or “oblated” to an allowable road transportation dimension, delivered to customer’s jobsite and assembled by bonding. Such tanks are named “oblate tanks”

  • Large Size Field Tanks

    Large Size Field Tanks

    Fiberglass field tanks are the best option in all instances where equipment size renders transportation impossible. For such large tanks, we generally ship field winding equipment to job site, filament winds the large fiberglass shells and assembles the tanks on the final foundation or at a centralized jobsite assembly area. 
    Size: DN4500mm – DN25000mm.

  • Transport Tanks

    Transport Tanks

    Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) transport tanks are mainly used to safe road, rail or water transportation of aggressive, corrosive or ultra-pure media.

    Fiberglass transport tanks are generally horizontal tanks with saddles. They are made of resin and fiberglass and their production is controlled by computer with helix winding process or by hand lay-up for special shapes.