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Jrain manufactures various fiberglass car and boat bodies. They are made by hand lay-up process, but the dimensions can be controlled within small tolerance. The beautiful appearance, strong structure and light weight fiberglass cars and boats are become more and more popular in Chinese and global markets.

Model: customized as per customer’s requirements

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Because of many advantages like below, fiberglass car and boat are very hot products recently in many industries such as transportation, building, electronics, toy cars, yacht, fishing and so on.

In addition, as the development of environmental protection awareness, almost every country limit the trees cutting, which pushed the fiberglass boats manufacturing as the fiberglass is the ideal material to construct the middle and small boats.

The related accessories for fiberglass cars include bumper, car roof, spoiler, battery holder, fender, etc.

While the accessories for fiberglass boats contain sun shelter, water skiing racks, swimming ladder, etc.

Fiberglass car and boat body are featured by:

- Corrosion resistance (resist aquatic appendages) and rust resistance;

- Long service life, lessen the maintenance work and cost a lot;

- Fashionable and attractive appearance;

- Light weight, compared with steel products, can save the weight by 80~40%;

- High strength and high safety factor;

- Low thermal conductivity and good insulation;

- Smooth surface and colorful;

- Designable, can be optimized by selecting different materials and laminates.

- External resin coating containing paraffin and ultraviolet absorbers to assure proper surface cure and inhibit ultraviolet light degradation.

Jrain is soundly managed by a tightly knit team and with strong technical bases. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with high quality products at competitive prices.

Jrain stands by its products – you will find our after sales service second to none.

We strive towards continual company improvement and aspire to provide standards of excellent, efficiency and service that make Jrain a comfortable organization to dal with.



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