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  • FRP Fittings for Australia Project

    Hengshui Jrain, completed a lot of FRP fittings for our Australia customer, and they were loaded from workshop today. Hope their travel oversea is joyful. They are FRP Blind, FRP Elbow, FRP Flange and FRP U type Fittings.   As a long term cooperated customer, we supplied over ten thousands o...
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  • Two Sets of FRP Launder System Completion

    Two Sets of FRP Launder System Completion

    Celebrate Jrain completed two sets of FRP Launder Systems  In just 6 weeks, Jrain’s excellent production team finished two sets of DN36m launder systems, including launders, effluents, weirs, baffles, baffle supports and supporting accessories. This project proved our capability one more ti...
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