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Jrain can manufacture fiberglass customized products such as medical bed, pipe stand / support, moisture collector, playing box, flower pot, desalination products, drum and so on based on customer’s requirements on colors, shapes, sizes, functions, pressures and temperatures.

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Main process includes hand lay-up process, vacuum infusion process, winding, etc.

Because of its corrosion resistance and versatility, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is a popular material for many different industries like chemical and pharmaceutical engineering, semiconductor production, refineries and paper mills, etc.

If use the food grade resin, the fiberglass products can also be used for drinking water, food, say sauce, fermentation, wine, etc.

The detailed features of fiberglass customized products are like below:

-        Good performance to resist the corrosion from chemical and environmental medium;

-        Good mechanical performance and light weight;

-        Long life and no need of maintenance;

-        Good performance of water proof;

-        No deformation and good stability;

-        Rich color and beautiful appearance;

-        Easy and quick installation;

Except the pure fiberglass products, Jrain offers linings for steel equipment, flue gas ducts and tanks which are used in numerous industrial sectors, e.g. pharmaceutical and chemical processing, energy production and waste incineration.

Jrain have been designing and fabricating these types of custom products for many years, including many products with complex curves and tight tolerance.

With 3 D design software and well-equipped wood working/mould building department, Jrain is capable of taking on even the most ambitious custom made fiberglass projects.

In addition, plant installation and on-site service complete our range of services with regard to project implementation. Our customer proximity allows us to react in a flexible and fast manner concerning repairs and maintenance of customer production lines and facilities.

Jrain’s experienced and qualified employees as well as our quality management ensure that all works are performed in compliance with high quality standards.



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