Two Sets of FRP Launder System Completion

Celebrate Jrain completed two sets of FRP Launder Systems 

In just 6 weeks, Jrain’s excellent production team finished two sets of DN36m launder systems, including launders, effluents, weirs, baffles, baffle supports and supporting accessories. This project proved our capability one more time.

For this project, Jrain, with its good staff including sales, engineering, production, logistics and so on, did the engineering, fabrication, pre-assembly, packing and all necessary works from the beginingg to the end, and the finished launders got the appreciation from the end customer.

These two sets of FRP launder systems adopted resin D411 and E fiberglass to resist the service medium and strength requirement.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, the launder system were pre-assembled at the yard outside the workshop. Such pre-assemble work is to verify that the products are produced correctly and can be used as intended service, which can find out any potential problem if any and solve the problem at workshop, and then guarantee the customer’s proper usage at field.

An efficient clarification and filtration system is an essential part of any treatment plant. The clarifier is designed for superior removal of settleable solids in water, wastewater and industrial applications. The concave faces of the sections transport the sediment toward a sludge pit. During return movement, the wedge-shaped parts of the sections slide under the sludge blanket, providing continuous and unidirectional transport. It is easy to install and maintain.



Our custom-made products in any size or design to fit your needs, including fiberglass troughs, wash troughs, clarifying troughs, clarifier, collection and effluent (launders) are constructed of advanced FRP materials utilizing the lay-up process.










Post time: Oct-26-2020