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Pipe mandrel (steel and / FRP): DN50mm – DN4000mm

Tank mold: DN500 – DN 4000mm for workshop tanks (steel); For larger ones, molds can be made on site by using timber, plywood, mold rings, etc.

Fitting molds: Customized flange mold, elbow mold, tee mold, tank head mold, etc.

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Jrain offers a wide range of mandrels and molds.

Pipe mandrels and cylinder tank molds, together with the winding machine, are mainly used to make the fiberglass pipe and tanks. The molds rotate and then the winding machine will wind the fiberglass onto the molds.

Other molds for fittings are mainly used for hand lay-up process.

Normally, pipe mandrels are made of pure steel or steel with FRP, and tank molds and fittings molds are made of steel. These mandrels and molds are with high durability.

Smooth surface together with a certain of taper and the demolding agent make the demolding process easy, and save a lot of labor and time, and increase the product quality.

Steel pipe mandrel can realize:

Wall thickness: >=7mm

Taper: +/-1.0mm

Steel + FRP pipe mandrel can be used for longer time, as the steel structure give strong support and the FRP surface can be repaired for small defects.

Our mandrels and molds are conformed to national standards. They are with high accuracy and not easy to deform, and as a result, can serve for longer time.

The pipe mandrel can be used for producing the following connection type: plain ends, adhesive bonded, rubber seal lock joint and rubber seal joint, bell and spigot joint, etc.

Except the normal molds, Jrain provides contractile molds also.

Other special molds are available upon request.

Jrain’s mandrels and molds supplied shall be of the best quality, completely new and reliable and the type selection complies with requirement of process technology as well as normal and safe operation and their long term service.



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